Mediterranean Sea

Whatsapp becomes Whatsdead

A headline in the online paper Portugal Resident: In the first ten days of August, more than fifteen people were killed in car crashes on Portuguese roads. The age was given between 20 and 30 years. Cause: lack of attention. Lack of attention, nicely put. We witnessed an accident in Alcudia – stalled traffic on the main road. A driver slowed down, but the young lady behind didn’t – the cars collided with an audible bang. The lady looked up from her mobile phone, did not see a dead person between the bumpers, lowered her head, and continued typing. No kidding. That fine young lady didn’t give a damn about the accident caused by her. Her social skills were limited to emojis. The damaged car pulled into the lot of a gas station, conveniently right next to make room for other vehicles. The lady put the phone aside and followed. Hard to believe that even mooring a boat is done with a phone in hand. The skipper is literally single-handed. From WhatsApp to WhatsDead.