Sailing Long Distances

Today marks the beginning of the good old days of tomorrow

May 2019
We made it! Friends spared neither time nor energy for taking us personally to Neustadt. Actually, they wanted to cast off the lines. Since the boat wasn’t in the water yet, they did it symbolically. Thank you so much for the support and nice weekend.

Kuehlungsborn and splash!

After three weeks of endless waiting, Athene was back where she belongs to, in the waters of the Sea. We completed the usual work and left early Saturday for Kühlungsborn, a modern marina east of Neustadt. An excellent sailing wind made the Yacht flying. As nearly always, the wind picked up a notch when we entered the marina. We thought it smart, mooring the boat at the bow first and push her into position by engine and ropes. Beate at the bow signaled the distance to the jetty, gave me a thumb up and I stopped. Our usual routine. Beate jumped … and was out of sight. At first I didn’t think about it any further, reflected on the docking manoeuvre, but after a short time I realized something must be wrong. I leaned over to one side to see what’s going on and saw waves in front of the bow where no waves should be. A closer look and I saw Beate in the water holding the rope tightly in both hands. After 29 years of sailing, my own lovely lady missed the jetty … Read More