Sailing Long Distances

The real sailor

Like in all sports, ask ten people what they like best. Surfers, Bikers, Hikers or Joggers just to name a few will give different reasons they love their sport. As for sailors, we have met the last 30 years, I would say the first group are the lucky ones who live next to the waters, have a boat nearby and enjoy an evening on the boat sailing. Next comes the ambitious sailor whose first interest is racing. The wanderer, like us, who thinks the boat as old-fashioned but a relaxing way to travel. Compared to the regatta, these guys are anything but high-performance tourists. And there are sailors who combine their sports with business. Some unusual ones are also on the water. In Portugal, we met an English couple who invited us to their comfortable Swedish build sailing yacht. The previous owner was German. He bought the boat because of its strong engine. The guy never sailed the boat a mile. He said, he is more on motor boats but doesn’t like the vast majority of motorboat owners and he would not be regarded as one of them. He went around with the sailing boat under engine only.
Another sailor we met was a German Private Banker. He and his partner had bought a forty-four (no spelling mistake) meter long schooner. Each of them spent a month vacation on the yacht every year enough time to justify a ship of this size so he said. A crew of six was always on board. Four more were hired to sail the oceans. The bank did a lot of business in the United States, mainly in North- and South Carolina with a lot of German-based companies. An invitation of potential or existing clients on a huge yacht, even by American standards, helped to sweeten the deals.
Last but not least, I would like to mention the Puritans. Over the years  … Read More