The life raft — a survival adventure

It was about time to say good-bye. After twenty-eight years of good and relaxed companionship, our life raft has done its job and is ready to retire. Lucky us, in all those years, was absolutely no need to use it, not even in the most challenging situations. I’m positive, a service station would have it maintained, tested and proved seaworthy. But honestly, who would be daring or stupid enough to set sail for an ocean-passage of two or three thousand miles, with an antique raft on board? It might keep its inflated air for 24 hours, according to test conditions. Yet, the risk it does not ride out the next 48 hours on the ocean is too high. Nothing less, than our lives, are at stake. A life raft, which doesn’t survive, a staircase wit.
We toyed with the idea to sell it via an online auction house. Coincidentally, we talked to a sail-maker who strongly advised against it. ‘For legal reasons don’t offer it as a life raft, you never know,’ he explained, ‘sell it as party fun

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