Mediterranean Sea

Sonrisas – saying goodbye

We had a marvelous time in the Balearics, Mallorca, and the marina Alcudiamar. I wish to say goodbye to all the beautiful people who were always friendly and helpful when we needed assistance. I still see the smiles of Carmen, Maria, and Deborah in the marina office, and the ‘El Rey de las sonrisas’ Tobias, whenever we asked a question or picked up a package. Muchas gracias. Not to forget from Paraguay, Celso, and Cynthia, who were the essence of kindness and had the nerve to help us in Spanish. There was our always busy Dutch neighbor Bert. A man in the marine business for almost three decades had met many crooks and conmen on big yachts got sentimental when he said, ‘Guys, I’ll miss you.’ Finally, we said goodbye to all the waitresses and waiters we had met. All reactions listed up were a big hug here, a firm handshake there, and two Limoncellos on the house at La Terraza. Many farewell wishes for our plans in the forthcoming years were expressed too. Strolling back from the marina office to the boat, I looked at the yachts I had walked past many times and was pleased to see that the water was entirely clear of Diesel. Yes, I was a bit pissed off that no Marinero or whoever worked with the marina didn’t see and smelled the Elephant, so to speak. However, the immediate reaction to my letter and solving the problem as soon as possible made me think that the marina eventually followed the ideals of decision and competence. Well done. Last but not least thank you to a manifold of marineros who were always at hand. Once we approached the berth, no wind at all, meaning easygoing, when a marinero awaited us already. Asked how did you know, he said he had seen us on AIS heading for the marina and knew beforehand where we were heading for. The weather conditions for the next three days looked promising for sailing west, and we cast off on 2nd October.