Athene Technical

Silent blocks

The AquaTec watermaker is a split model that grants very compact installation. We installed it in a locker next to the toilet and above the waterline. It works fine, easy to control and maintain. However, there was a flipside – a noisy operation. We bought four 8 mm silencers, mounted the Motor and high-pressure pump on a solid 20 mm Plywood, and insulated the high-pressure hose. Because of the pump, those hoses vibrate. It’s no problem, as long as they don’t hit the locker’s wood. Simple isolation, used for heating pipes in a house, did the job.

The new installment reduces the noise what feels like half.

BTW: We did the same with the hydraulic drive unit of the autopilot -> almost inaudible!

Motor mounted on silent blocks and so the high-pressure pump
8 mm silencers
Installed. Underneath an insulated hose and the membrane