Sailing Long Distances

Sesimbra – touristic town

February 2020
After almost nine splendid weeks in Cascais, it was about time to say goodbye. We got so used to the location, its people that we had to go on before it was too late, and we would have stayed for too long. Thanks to the first indications of springtime, like rising temperatures and increasing daylight, the energy for moving on took control. We cast off on a sunny day to Sesimbra, just 25 miles further south. Dense fog halfway made us understand, we’re sailing in wintertime still. Approaching Cape Espichel, the mist parted, slowly drew back the white curtain, and the landmark welcomed its photographers in pure sunshine. The first journey of the year was smooth sailing.
Somewhat strange was the contact by phone to the marina office in Sesimbra. Asked, if they have a berth for a yacht the size of Athene, the answer was ‘Yes, of course, plenty.’ Once in the marina, no one answered the radio or the phone. A few places were vacant, so we moored in the most accessible berth, and I rang up the marina again. The lady I had talked to in the morning answered and informed me, the berth we’re in would be for 15 m boats. We could stay on the condition of paying a higher price, exactly three Euros a day. This statement made any discussion superfluous. Later for registration in the office, I couldn’t resist the temptation to push the limits and asked her for an alternative, cheaper mooring, but got no answer. Yet I left the office with an odd impression she did it on purpose, knowing no smaller berth was available. Beate said the correctness of the staff in Cascais marina had spoiled us in some way.
It was late already. We rushed to the town and had a quick look around. The question still to be answered was a classic one, should we stay or should we move on the next day. Soon it turned out, Sesimbra is a typical summer vacation resort. Many closed down stores in February, nothing that caught our interest, a one-horse town.…Read More