Bluewater Sailors

Sailing Yacht Kirke

The first time we saw the sailing yacht, Kirke was in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We shared the same pontoon, yet we never saw the folks on board. Kirke, a Hallberg Rassy 382, drew our attention as we had played with the idea of buying one ourselves. This boat was well equipped for long distances, with today’s usual suspects, such as solar panels, wind generator, and wind vane.
On route to the Algarve, we spotted Kirke several times, thanks to AIS, an automatic identification system. Finally, in Lagos, Portugal, we all gravitated to a restaurant and spoke of sailing plans. Rita and Hartmut had ambitious destinations, with sailing to Africa and later on to South America. However, an almost minor story made me think the two got the ‘right’ attitude and will make it whatsoever. They sailed somewhere in the Netherlands, enjoyed their time on board, had no wind at all, and didn’t mind getting overtaken by the local ducks swimming next to the boat. It was the calmness they radiated, two minds one thought, that impressed me. It doesn’t work for me. Just the thought of getting overtaken by ducks makes me nervous, not to mention a yacht.
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The picture shows a sister ship.