Sailing Long Distances

No action for the brain

Being crazy enough to prepare a yacht for long-distance sailing or even more for circumnavigation, you either accept the fact without question that you’ve to work day in day out, do a lot of odd jobs, you wouldn’t do at home at all, get no pay, much worse, spend a bag full of money. Or you state at length what rubbish it is to work so hard and you can’t wait to go out to sea. A short time later, you find yourself in a nice marina, work day in day out, do a lot of odd jobs, spent even more money and get the job done. At the end of the day, both fellas, the well organized and the totally unprepared meet each other in a sunny marina somewhere in Portugal or Spain and complain widely about the most powerful hypnotic craziness known to man, something called sailing. No, it isn’t really that bad, I just made it up.
To be frank, there is a third kind of sailors, the ones, who can’t do the work themselves. Either they have no time or got two left hands, no fingers, thumbs only. They employ professionals or semi-pros to get the jobs done. Best so far I ever watched, was a guy who appeared on the scene with a premium car.

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