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Manfred Marktel

 Antarctic voyage of the MAUS from January to April 2006

“The journey from Salvador to Salvador was unique. Unforgettable days and nights, unforgettable nature, but also difficult seas”, writes Manfred Marktel, who kindly allows us to publish some photos. Some famous German sailors traveled the Antarctic with relatively large boats and crew, we haven’t heard of a single-handed sailor yet. His Cumulant has proved to be absolutely reliable, even in a storm, Manfred could still cook!!

The Voyage
Salvador – Falklands 2950 nm 25 days
Falklands – South Georgia 1000 nm 10 days
South Georgia – Salvador 3300 nm 32 days
Total 7250 nm 67 days
052 Single-handed in the roaring forties and fifties, Manfred Marktel
visite 5.
Dream destination in South Georgia

Grytviken on the northeast side of the island of South Georgia.

Until the sixties, whales were caught and processed in a factory. Formerly a bustling place, today it has fallen into disrepair and makes the small settlement look rust red.

Seelöwen Two who get along, sea lions.
10Welle The highest photographed wave back to Salvador, a monster of certainly 10 meters.
Sturmvogel An Antarctic Petrel in its element
WindpilotMaus MAUS enjoys the oceans





Manfred Marktel was born 3.3.1943 in Gmünd Carinthia (father was a model carpenter at Porsche and made the first models of the cars built in Gmünd)
HTL in Steyr – engineering studies in Darmstadt. Living in Italy since 1968. Head of the department, director and managing director in the metalworking industry. He bought his first boat in 1972 and explored the western Mediterranean in the following years. To date, he has sailed about 100,000 miles, of which more than 85,000 are one-handed.
The most important one-hand cruises:

  • two times round Italy-
  • three times Tunisia-
  • 1997 Italy – Azores – Italy-
  • 2000 – 2001 Italy – Venezuela – Italy-
  • 2001 Sept. to Dec. Italy – Madeira _ Italy-
  • 2002 – 2003 Italy – Tobago – Guadeloupe – Italy –
  • 2004 – 2005 Italy – Brazil – Guadeloupe – Azores Madeira-
  • 2005 – Madeira – Brazil –
  • 2006 – Salvador de Bahia – Falklands – Grytviken in South Georgia – Salvador de Bahia –
  • seven times across the Atlantic and three times across the equator alone –
  • October – November 2006 from Salvador to Guadaloupa
  • March – May 2007 Guadaloupa – Azores – Canaries – Salvador de Bahia
  • October – December 2007 Salvador de Bahia – Falklands
  • January – March – April 2008 Falklands – South Georgia – South Sandwich – Salvador –

In his spare time he writes travelogues for Italian nautical magazines, three books were published in Italian:

  • 001 Il mio Mare ( My Sea )
  • 2003 Mare Traversate, Amici e Tartarughe (The Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Friends, and Turtles)
  • 2005 Sono arrivati 600 anni prima di me (You have arrived 600 years before me)

Manfred writes all articles and books without even receiving a penny, so he is free, unbound and can write about anything and everyone. This year already 4 articles with 6 pages each have been published in the Italian magazine “Solo Vela”, further 2 articles will be published in the issues October and November. Another article has been published in “Bolina”. Both magazines are also on the Internet.
With his innate altruism, he has been helping as a volunteer on the Cap Verde since 2002 and is working with Mare Forza 10 on a project to rehabilitate paraplegics.

On 19 September 2014, Manfred embarked on his last journey at the age of 71.

Photos on this page courtesy of Manfred Marktel, Copyright