Electric power

Charger and sine wave inverter

A Victron Multi 3000/12 V replaces the previous charger to ensure that the entire system is coherent. The MultiPlus is both a powerful inverter with a pure sine wave and a 120 A battery charger with adaptive charging technology. In addition to these primary functions, the MultiPlus has these advantages:

  • Uninterrupted operation. In the event of an interruption in shore power, the MultiPlus supplies the connected loads. The switchover takes less than 20 milliseconds, ensuring uninterrupted operation of computers and other electronic devices. We have tried it; it works perfectly.
  • A second output only provides power when shore power is available. The water heater is connected to this output.
  • Possible, but not necessary on board our Athene: Practically unlimited power through parallel connection.
  • The possibility of setting the maximum shore current to be drawn is important in marinas that limit the current to 5 A, for example. This function is often required in Denmark because 120 A charging current corresponds to the power consumption of 14.4 V * 120 A / 0.93 = 1858 Watt – approx. 8.1 A. (0.93 is the efficiency)
  • The MultiPlus has a PowerAssist to increase performance and support the shore connection. Thus, a weakly designed power connection is compensated by energy from the batteries. An example: A device with 1000 W (approx. 5 amps) is to be operated, the shore power connection supplies only 3 A. The MultiPlus takes the additional power from the battery. If the increased load is omitted, the batteries are recharged. Actually, we thought it’s a ‘nice to have’ feature, but not really useful on board a sailing yacht. Fallacy! This function is activated again and again.
  • Four-stage adaptive charger. The software fine-tunes the IUI charging process in order to adapt it as good as possible to the battery condition. It also has a fourth stage for long periods in the conservation mode. If, after charging, the shore power is interrupted, the Multi goes through all charging stages – bulk, absorption, and float – but this process takes a maximum of one minute and is therefore completely problem-free.
  • Charging the starter battery via an independent trickle charge output.
  • System configuration using DIP switches without external software possible for example to set the correct battery type.
  • And last but not least, what use is an inverter that has a very poor efficiency? The Victron is 93%.
  • It is also important to install a battery controller to get an overview of ‘what is happening in the electrical system’. The Victron battery controller does this job in order to have a flawless system. It monitors the chargers as MultiPlus, alternator and solar systems and power drawn by the individual components.
  • Using a Bluetooth connection, all information is displayed on a cell phone or tablet.