Bluewater Sailors Sailing Long Distances

Immer wieder Montags …

I’m not unbiased as I’m crazy enough being a sailor myself. I met the author Klaus on the Iberian peninsula by chance, and we instantly talked about everybody and his dog. Typical meeting points for discussing American Foreign Politic, for example, was next to a pedestrian light that changed colors desperately from red to green and back. Yet, the two of us ignored the busy lamp.One day we spoke of a topic even crazier than sailing, publishing books. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have smiled while I talked him out of doing the most stupid idea imaginable, writing a book.

See for yourself, I failed! Luckily.

Klaus isn’t only a talented sailor with the precision of an aircraft carrier commander. He is also a gifted writer or, in the words of a famous movie – The Talented Mr. Meeß.

Always Mondays is an excellent read for people who love to travel individually. It’s about the art of improvising, getting rid of a perfect plan forged two hours and five minutes earlier. Eventually, living his dream has its foundation in the people Klaus met.

Reading his book, I liked most the facts that it is honest – I can tell, because I know a few of his stories – and even more important, it’s written by someone who is very cheerful to people by nature. These ingredients make the book an excellent and diverting read.

And here is what the blurb says, my translation.

Who likes Mondays? Klaus loved them – at least on his long-range voyage, taking him from the Ijsselmeer in Holland to the far north of the Baltic Sea and onwards to the Mediterranean. He realized his plan as he unexpectedly came across a chance for an 18-month sabbatical. While living this dream, it happened to be mostly on Mondays when particularly beautiful or something exceptional happened.
And even with Corona changing the world and the scene of cruising sailors worldwide coming to a standstill, he still managed to continue this journey. All this with the idea that seemed to be pretty crazy at first.
Nothing could stop his journey! Neither by a virus nor by Mondays, which were so enjoyable after all.

ISBN: 9783755792949