Athene Technical

How to build a hardtop

A sixteen-year-old sprayhood. I think we can constitute it’s no joy to look at.
Step 1: Rivet a U-profile onto the window frames. It is best to seal and secure with an adhesive like Sikaflex or Fischer Marine.
Step 2: The previous stainless steel tube is the key to success for a uniform hardtop. Build both sides with 15 mm plywood and make sure the same height.
Step 3: Fill in the front part
Step 4: The roof. 5 mm plywood, reinforced in the middle. Again, the old curved tube grants the shape
Step 5: Matched 15 mm thick wooden end profile that hides the tube
Step 6: Wood painted with 2K Epoxid primer. Next the color you like to have
Step 7: New hardtop in white
Step 8: Space for 2 solarpanels, 160 W each
Step 9: What a difference to the old one.

Addition one: The roof not only protects well against rain, wind, and waves, it also has excellent sound insulation and keeps up with any Spanish marina disco, so long as it is in front of the bow.

Addition two: Listening to music is more fun under the roof. It provides better acoustics and protects the neighbor from too much volume. We disposed the onboard speakers, best described loud only, and use a portable model from JBL, Charge 4.