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Great Belt and Kattegat

Impressions of a sailing summer between Fehmarn, Germany, the Great Belt and Skagen, Denmark,  in pictures.

Korsoer, Great Belt

Korsoer? What are we supposed to do there? That’s right. For years, we sailed past this place, although the harbor is conveniently located on the way north. The times of an important ferry port are long gone since the construction of the Great Belt Bridge. The nearby military port, Denmark’s largest, is not really a problem either. Modern condominiums with huge glass surfaces have been built where once ferryboats arrived and departed regularly. Only a horn, used to guide the ferrymen safely by night and fog, still reminds of the busy past. The marina building and part of the western marina are very attractive. In its eastern part – for boats from 12 m in length there is space – cannot claim the term “appealing”; these jetties are dilapidated. Very nice and recommendable: A walk along the coast to Skälskör and back by bus (25 km). The Johannesfeuer is traditional on 23 June.


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Kalundborg – Samsö

The slogan of this year’s sailing: Let’s visit all the cities hardly known. One of them is Kalundborg, accessible by a 5-mile fjord. This detour takes two hours (round trip), too much for those in a hurry. And everyone else doesn’t really have to go there, and if so, head for Marina Gisseloere, which offers a pleasant club atmosphere and a beautiful view of the city. The locals know this too, therefore it is hard to find a berth. The following trip to Samsoe was dreamlike, like the anchoring itself, where only seven boats were moored.

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Northern Kattegat

The northern Kattegat starts with Grenaa. By the end of June the marina was hardly visited, nevertheless, we preferred to continue sailing. One night in the Randersfjord during thunderstorms and continuous rain was enough, the course led from there to Saeby. Last time we visited Saeby was 16 years ago: The first impression, the city has adjusted itself to sailors, the prices are corresponding but also the ambiance. It is good to stay here for a few days.

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Skagen, at the northern end of the Kattegat, is characterized by its lively town, sunlight, and miles of white beaches. It is also an important trading and fishing port, indicated by the tankers at anchor. The marina is well visited during the high season. At the beginning of July almost only Norwegian national flags flew from the stern of the yachts. And you can take yacht literally here, under 50 feet seems to be a no go. This statement is especially true for motorboats. It is more pleasant outside the city, for example in Greenen, where you can walk along the beach for hours and in the northwestern part you are more or less alone. Wonderful.

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Frederikshavn – Grenaa – Rolling home

From Skagen towards Fehmarn the wind was favorable and provided us with some pleasant sailing days. Nevertheless, the weather remained a challenge, ranging from fog (Hals – Skagen) to midsummer and strong winds (Grenaa) to calm (Great Belt).

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