Sailing Long Distances

Getting started or Mission to Mars?

At home

Half a year ago I thought it’s no big deal to sort things out at home, a piece of cake. We’ll sell the car, the janitor takes care of the apartment, a neighbor of the letter post and the tax accountant does the ugly part of one’s life. Now, with barely five weeks left before we start, our brains spin around, lists are filled and crossed, doctors consulted as well as car dealers and the never-ending shopping list empties steadily the bank account.
We believed ourselves not exactly experts on this matter, but the experience of our sabbatical two decades ago is still in vivid memory. Or not? Looking back, everything was pretty relaxed, just a long vacation. I can twist and turn it any way I want, the present situation is different. The family got older, people deceased, close relatives are busy. In short, we’re lucky to have friends and neighbors who are happy to support us.
They were curious about what we will do with the apartment. When sailors talk to each other this topic pops up pretty soon … Read More