Sailing Long Distances

Culatra and high season

Popular marinas answer with economic principles of supply and demand, on its heels sportingly high prices. An anchorage, as an alternative, provides a little paradise for the budget too. To put the cherry on the cake, it’s an almost priceless spot keeping a safe distance to loads of tourists in times of a pandemic.
End of August, we visited Culatra for a stopover a third time this year. What a difference to Mid-June, and twenty yachts at anchor. Two months later, I had difficulties adding them correctly, as the boats were all over the place, and stopped near a hundred within sight. Since there is a lot of space, it wasn’t difficult to find a spot to drop the anchor. Yet the hustle and bustle killed any enthusiasm in expectation of a tranquil touch with nature. After all, a small price to pay for high season. In August 2020, the Algarve was pretty peaceful compared to years before, according to residents. Please don’t think of me as a cynic when I write the Corona pandemic has its virtues. Last year, twice as many boats laid at anchor, bumped in each other, because no space was left.
With all the yachts, one should think the drivers of the local taxi boats in service between Culatra island and the town of Olhao would pay more… Read More