Canaries to Scotland Voyages

Cruising between the Canary Islands and Scotland

Holland – Canary Islands – Madeira – Ireland – Scotland

Through the years we read a lot of sailing literature, talked to cruising yachtsmen. The outcome was a precise idea of destinations we like to sail to. The south coast of England with many well-known cities and places has always been a favorite location, the gorgeous Rias in Galicia and historic Portugal with the lovely Algarve. Spending a winter on the Canary Islands was one of our dreams, especially during the cold and rainy season. Ireland and Scotland, terrific landscapes in untouched nature, far away from mass tourism, also these countries were of special interest to us.

An important aspect is not to sail under time pressure! Buying a postcard or a T-shirt in each town and then continue sailing the next day makes no sense. Appointments determine our whole life. Only the weather should define the itinerary throughout our sabbatical. And last but not least, we are going to travel, England excluded, in countries with one currency only, the Euro.

Photos of the journey


Departure in Makkum, Holland. Sailing under a blue sky, in blue warm water, dressed only in T-shirt and shorts, will remain a dream for today. But we are ready to go, a dream should become reality.

Isle of Wight, the sailing center on the south coast of England. In the harbor of Yarmouth the yachts are moored between two dolphins. Ashore is only possible by dinghy or water taxi.

One of our favorite cities, Porto. The city gave its name to Portugal and is idyllically situated on the Douro River. The picture shows the bridge Dom Luis; it was designed by a student of Eiffel.


Douro valley near Porto. The river winds its way through a romantic valley with vineyards on both sides where the grapes for the port wine are grown. The ship in the middle of the picture tours the river for several days.


Dried fish racks in Nazare. One of the advantages of the place are the endless sandy beaches. The marina is one of the few on the Portuguese coast that can be navigated safely in strong winds.

A sailor’s dream. Under the huge double head sail – booster, also called Bolle Jan in Holland – on a southern course. The sound of the bow wave, the deep blue water, sea turtles and dolphins as constant companions, an unforgettable voyage towards the Canary Islands.

“You got a rope in the propeller.” With these words, Dagmar and Beate started a laborious job to cut the propeller free. As you can see, they were successful. And as always on our journey, the fun was a constant companion.


A lot of joy to watch: Dolphins round the Canary Islands circled the boat.


Surf waves in the warm light of the evening sun. The picture was taken in the southwest of Tenerife, on a windless day. The waves are common ocean swell.


The marina of San Sebastian in Gomera. Of all the Canary Islands we like Gomera best, moreover, the harbor is located in a very beautiful environment. Tourists, who do not travel the island on their own, are transported by ferries between Tenerife and Gomera. Search game: Where is our ATHENE?


The southeast coast of Fuerteventura, scene of light and shadow. The island looks most beautiful from the sea.


Sunset on the Atlantic Ocean. Very often clouds rose in the evening and dissipated a few hours after dark. Some sailors describe the sunrise at sea as the most beautiful experience, but for us the sunsets are.


Quinta do Lorde, the new marina in eastern Madeira. During our visit in April 2003, only three yachts moored in the harbor. In contrast to Funchal, where the boats were rafted up. The marina is part of a small hotel complex popular by hikers. Nearby is a spectacular trail to a lighthouse. Weather permitting, one can see the neighboring island Porto Santo.


Porto Santo, a few miles northeast of Madeira.


Entering a lock in the Crinan Canal in Scotland. Most of the lock gates along the canal are operated by the ship’s crew with muscle power!

Eyemouth, Scottish “border town” to England


The fantastic railway bridge at the end of the Firth of Forth, near the Marina Port Edgar.


Glasgow Museum. The city is an architectural masterpiece. Glasgow is not only a joy to behold, also the musical scene leaves nothing to be desired.