Sailing Long Distances

Copenhagen – Danish Lifestyle

A fair southerly wind and plenty of sunshine let us sail to Copenhagen. Located in the Sound opposite of Sweden and the city of Malmo, the Danish capital is a lively place. According to the World Happiness Report people of Denmark are second behind Norway. And Copenhagen was rewarded the best city in the world a couple of times. It’s a city of green, a city of architecture, a city of culture and of course the city of the Little Mermaid. Copenhagen offers one of the worlds most dense use of bicycles, nearly 50% of all commuters use a bike daily.
Talking about architecture, the Opera is one of the eye-catchers of the city. Located at the waterfront, it is popular with locals and tourists all over the world. The opera can claim a lot of startling facts; 41.000 square meters, fourteen stories, five are subterranean, the main stage seats an audience of 1400. The opera is a donation to the Danish people by the Moller Foundation, Maersk Shipping. The ‘Operaen’ is one of the most modern houses in the world and certainly the most expensive ever built with costs well over US$500 million.
Looks like it was a good investment. We went to the Opera on a sunny Thursday at about two o’clock in the afternoon in the hope … Read More