Sailing Long Distances


Cádiz has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate with very mild winters due to significant maritime influences and its position on a narrow peninsula. Amongst any European town, Cádiz has the second warmest winters, 3000h of annual sunshine, making it one of Europe’s sunniest cities and is the least snowy place. Well, that’s no surprise. Here is another startling fact. The Carnival is one of the best-known in the world. Throughout the year, carnival-related activities are almost constant in the city; there are always rehearsals, public demonstrations, and contests of various kinds. These diverse spectacles turn the streets into a colorful and popular open-air theater for two entire weeks in February. Too bad, in September, the strict pandemic rule forbade any activities, besides a handful of young people who played the trumpet and drums next to a parking lot. Should you get the chance to travel here, don’t miss Cádiz.