Sailing Long Distances

Brothels at full throttle

Inspired by live and perspective the moment, I browsed through the latest news in a tabloid, searching for something positive and stumbled over an article entitled ‘a brothel at full throttle.’ Wow, I thought, that’s precisely the kind of story I’m looking for. With so many reports of death tolls in nursing homes, a transition from the epicenter of senility to the epicenter of lust fits terrific. It’s spring, and the flowers are in full blossom, why not a story of women in full bosoms. On the side, it’s a chance to expand my horizon for new vocabulary, words in a conversation sailor to sailor usually are not spoken of. To give an example, so far, I have not met a single sailing ornithologist who introduced me to the subspecies of boobies.
The article stated that with many stories of hardship and stalled businesses, the shut down forced the brothels to close the houses. After two weeks they reopened, because of the difficulties faced by the ‘girls.’ Some were ‘almost at the point of going hungry,’ others had no place to live, so the tabloid. By now, it is business as usual up and down the country. Beyond taking clients’ temperatures and disinfecting rooms, there aren’t much brothels can do beyond their standard precautions. One brothel owner filed petitions that sex workers get in a position where they could stay at home and claim government subsidies. But State protection is lacking, and the women are supported by no one but themselves. Many of them are in the profession for the simple fact that they need the money urgently. 
The story left me with something worrying and awesomely irresponsible to the oldest business of humankind, the constant appeal of baser human instincts. These women suffer from greed and sexual exploitation with quite the same enthusiasm by their customers and most of the employers. If you ask me, I think it is sick!