Sailing Long Distances

Baltic Rim Sea Trials

There are things in life you do year by year and despite the routine,  they are forever a refreshing experience. The first night on the yacht in its fluid element has always enchanted me. It’s slight movements, swaying back and forth, being in nature and fresh air, makes my heart jump again and again with joy. I woke up, excited. The sun had just climbed above the horizon. Its full disc shone brightly from the east. The sky was blue, only a few of those big fluffy clouds you often see in nautical paints added white spots. I rewarded myself for all the work and burden of the bygone weeks with a copious breakfast in the cockpit. I sat there for at least an hour, mindlessly, a pleasure of the moment.
Rigging up a yacht is a job for two, actually. Unfortunately, my wife was at home. But it was not that bad. I could take my time, raised sail by sail and slowly settled into the ultimate life aboard of a sailing yacht. Installing all technical things like navigation lights, antennas, cable bundles, etc. is not exactly entertaining. Still, the work excited me. Many craftsmen say there is nothing more enjoyable to see and touch what you have done after a fulfilled day of working.
Alone in miserable company! Neither I have time for a second breakfast, a lovely lunch break ……..

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