Sailing Long Distances Spain

Back in the Atlantic Ocean – bye bye blue water sailing

The first notable difference between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean was the color of the water. We traded in blue for green and crystal clear for murky. The other day I took a dive in the marina Cadiz for my standard propeller and boat inspection and could barely see the underwater ship. 
The tides in the Med were more or less neglectable, less than a half meter. In Cadiz at springtide, we had almost three meters difference between high and low water. First practical experience: at low tide, we had to walk up a steep bridge to get ashore in the marina.
The climate in the Med is mostly mild. Last summer, it felt like sitting in a closed room with too much heat inside, too many people, and no window to open. And even if the window had been open, I hadn’t made any difference. On the Atlantic side, the windows are very efficient, to stay in the picture. The air is fresh and smells a wee bit salty. Amazingly, in the sunshine, we didn’t notice much difference in temperatures to the Mediterranean side. Yet, the difference was notable at dusk, at least in late autumn. Suitable for those who like to sleep well.