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Anholt and Little Belt, Denmark

September 2016 proved to be a direct hit in several aspects: summer, sun, good sailing wind. The Danish marinas were also pleasantly empty at the beginning of the month. In a nutshell, no stress when looking for a berth. In Anholt, we shared the marina with a maximum of ten yachts at rush hour. To come alongside the jetty was pretty comfortable. And last but not least, our boat showed excellent sailing performance after the refit.
The following photo gallery would like to give an impression. On the way to the island of Anholt, coming from Grena, we crossed a large wind farm. In Germany mostly forbidden, in Denmark however, expressly permitted.

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On the way back to the Little Belt we visited Ebeltoft, where we last went ashore 20 years ago.

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Enjoying the excellent sailing characteristics, we sailed twice to Arhus this year. We like the second largest city in Denmark, which has a beautiful mixture of nature (Marselis forest) and a lively student city. Taking advantage of the off-season, Tuno was on the program. In the summer it is almost impossible to snatch a berth in the marina, Mid-September it was half empty. The island has a circumference of almost 10 kilometers and can be easily walked around in half a day. We have no Idea why Tuno is so popular. But the island is definitely worth a (short) visit.

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The last time we sailed the Little Belt was in 1996. We took a break in Middelfart and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of the city and its location. From here one has a great view of the sea and the bridges. No wonder the restaurants on the waterfront were very well frequented. If the weather is right, it can’t be better.

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It hardly gets any better, is also a good description for the bay of Dywig. After the more or less deserted Anholt there was almost stress here, especially with some of our compatriots, when it came to realizing the stupid thought: “The last free berth is meant for me”. In other words, full throttle to the marina. They rushed past the most beautiful place of the bay, the anchorage west of the hotel. We enjoyed two quiet days in the middle of nature.

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If we are near Flensburg, a visit to the beautiful city is mandatory. The Dagmar Aaen, the ship of Arved Fuchs, lay in the historic harbor. On Sunday there was a regatta in front of Glücksburg with more or less flying catamarans.

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Finally, we sailed over Heiligenhafen (bridge) to Fehmarn. While we enjoyed the sunset in the ‘Café Sorgenfrei’, our sailmaker Lars  whooshed by with his catamaran. Later he said, the GPS showed 10 knots.

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