Sailing Long Distances

Albufeira – a different kind of tourism

Many regrets because we were leaving and a lot of hands waving farewell by our English and Irish neighbors marked the end of four weeks in Lagos. A gentle southerly wind pushed us east, smooth sailing, just fine for the first day on the sea after a long break. The Algarve passed by, sandy beaches shimmering golden in the sun, followed by spectacular rock formations further east. We passed the town of Portimao when a steady thud of a bass loudspeaker filled the air. Since we were windward with 2,6 nm off the coast, almost five kilometers – I checked the exact data – we expected the music from somewhere else, like a tourist boat next to us. But the space remained blank, and we were the only sailors. The steady rhythm of the bass was spiced up by a yelling guy on a PA system, kind of animator presumably. Imagine this, five kilometers of the coast, windward, and we still could hear the music.
Modern electronic sea charts offer the possibilities for users to drop a comment on a town, a marina or an anchorage. Concerning Portimao, I read a lot of negative entries when it came to tourist entertainment in summer. All in all, the reviews were not friendly. People like to exaggerate, with one refreshing exception of myself, I thought, come on, in March with offseason, its no problem at all. It looks like I was wrong.
The marina in Albufeira was as calm as it was full of boats. The young lady at the reception desk said, due to low prices, we accommodate a lot of liveaboards and therefore hardly free space. We could choose between two berths and took the most remote one to the restaurants and night entertainment. Read More