Sailing Long Distances

About an ocean, a journey, a language, and a law

Traveling by train to the German island of Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea, I realized with a sigh, that I had forgotten again some names of islands and cities scattered along the European side of the Atlantic, places we would like to travel to. I always do this, when I have plenty of time, committing words or names to memory because at least I should know exactly where we have been already and where we would like to sail next.
Our first sailing voyage along the European side of the Atlantic Ocean nearly two decades ago is still very well within my recollection. Unexpectedly, we got the chance for a sabbatical, one solid year of sailing. We bought the first Yacht we surveyed on the spot and spent every minute to learn how to sail our ATHENE safely. Three years later, we had drawn countless course lines in the waters of the Ijsselmeer and Dutch coast. In June 2002, we set sail for our once in a lifetime adventure. After thirteen months and 5500 nautical miles of experience, we returned safely to Holland. We‘re still in possession of the Yacht, another startling fact. We never thought we would be crazy enough to keep and maintain a yacht for such a long time. In retrospective a good decision, by now we sailed ATHENE just under 20.000 miles. And there is much more to come.
I bring this up since we had published a book of our first journey under the title ‘Breakfast with Dolphins.‘ Having a lot of free time on our

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