About Athene-Crew

Editorial mission

Athene-tour.com has been online for 15 years. We have kept the original idea until today, telling about our big and small travels. Soon technical considerations were added and contributions by other sailors of a Cumulant. Every year we record five-digit traffic to these pages, receive emails and occasionally phone calls. Best so far was a Cumulant sailor I never met before, who considers sailing through the Northwest Passage. He rang me up, I answered, he introduced himself and asked straight away if I happened to have a look at the last ice charts of Greenland.
I was delighted with the compliment for trusting the Athens crew to take up the challenge.


After 15 years of German-language content, it was time to internationalize this site. Therefore all content is only available in English.


Again and again we are asked why there are so few people in the photos. Basically, we are not allowed to publish photos of people without their consent. Which means, we must always obtain a permit before photographing a person. If the person pictured takes action against the publication, it might get very expensive for us. In order to be on the safe side, theoretically one always needs a signed contract: a model release.
And last but not least, we want to be respectful with the camera. People are by no means zoo animals, who you hold the camera in front of their face and shoot unasked. On the other hand, our future photos will be pure works of art and art enjoys freedom.



She made her first experiences on motorboats in Ireland and Holland. In the mid-nineties a sailing virus infected her. Now she has experienced all the ups and downs of sailing without any grumbling. Best of all, when things get tough, she is completely reliable.


Pretty much the same as Beate. Except when it comes to grumbling.


Clearly, the smartest man on board. Whatever goes badly, he already knew it in advance. Unfortunately, he’s always right. That’s why we call him our smart ass. On the upside, he always keeps his mouth shut and only answers when being asked.