Athene Refit Technical

One troublemaker less

Hopefully, this post will be of interest to one or two. After removing the teak deck and welding the rim with stainless steel, the boat is almost trouble-free. Almost. I mounted the wooden toe rail with Sikaflex. My blunder was that I had completely underestimated the amount needed. Since time was short for departure, I took what I had. After all, this workmanship lasted for four years. Recently, water emerged more and more under the wood, and refinishing was required. We removed all the wood from bow to stern and applied a generous amount of epoxy filler underneath. Previously, I had successfully tested this variant at one spot. We gave it a try; epoxy filler is enormously strong, sticks to everything, preferable where it it shouldn’t, is elastic, and can only be removed by hammer and chisel. In short, the stuff lasts forever. It also sands smooth and has a much better finish than Sikaflex.