Mediterranean Sea Sailing Long Distances

A short one – una mujer desnuda

It was hot in Majorca Mid-August and far too hot in the Marina Alcudiamar. We took the dinghy, made for the bay next door, and hopped into the water for a swim. The water temperatures were 29 degrees; not much cooling off. Back in the dinghy, I didn’t dry off with a towel. The wind did the job due to the boat’s speed when we returned to the marina. Cooling off in the wind was undoubtedly the best part. We tied the dinghy at the stern of ATHENE. At that very moment, I heard our Spanish neighbor opposite the pontoon yelling (he always speaks very loud) ‘cual no tiene ropa’… who wears no clothes or who doesn’t have a piece of clothing. I know that one, I thought, eager to experience a little Spanish lesson. Again, cual no tiene ropa. No ropa, no clothes, sounds interesting. His wife answered, inaudible to me. El senor said it for the third time. Curiously, I looked in the direction of the bawler and saw his wife standing in the boat as nature had made her. She was in her forties, dark-haired, and had a figure to die for. The beauty had her hands on her hips and looked around as if she were standing on a turntable. An alien observing women on planet Earth would have taken a note that some women are entirely hairless. My mind was in full excitement, and not because of the aliens. The first quick conclusion, as long as I could think straight – learning Spanish was the best idea so far in the year 2022. A little knowledge and a portion of luck made an attractive Spanish woman drop her clothes to spur and memorize the most important Spanish words for two German sailors. People say if you do the right thing, doors will open. Here is a new one: Learn Spanish, a lucky strike, and the clothes of a fetching lady nearby will drop. WOW. Travel 6 © Spontaneously I needed to recheck the dinghy ropes, done by my experienced hands, whereas the eyes did what a mariner is supposed to do in case of vital sightings, namely, keep a sharp lookout. I always thought the word sharp funny for lookout. That day was the first time I thought sharp was the only proper word to say. Her yelling partner repeated the sentence, maybe to my benefit for memorizing. The way the lady acted, almost no tan lines, made me think she is used to ‘no tiene ropa,’ no doubt whatsoever. Eventually, she gave in to her husband’s request, got inside the boat, and showed up dressed in a black bikini. Conclusión: Aprendo español todos los días y tengo muchas oportunidades de practicar. Incluso se presentan situaciones inusuales.