Sailing Long Distances

Vigo – ¿Habla usted español?

Approaching from the waterside, the first impression of Vigo was promising. A ‘sea’ of white houses on land with beautiful red roofs, which are common throughout the country, stood out colorfully in the warm evening sun against the green of the mountains behind. A suspension bridge stretches over the blue water of the Ria in the distance. To the left, huge oyster, and shellfish farms remind the sailor to pay attention. A cruise ship was moored at a pier. The guys navigate everywhere I thought spontaneously, and told myself, a visit in Vigo must be worthwhile. The marina, strongly recommended by a sailor, proved to be an industrial environment. Make a U-turn was a first unflattering thought. As so often, we know at second glance there is something outstanding.
Walking the streets on a Friday evening, the day before a national holiday, we experienced thick air of the countless cars and hectic people. Vigo is a Mecca for Graffiti. During the past six months of traveling, we have not seen a city that looked so run-down. Many dilapidated buildings underlined this impression, bricked-up windows and another spot for a little grubby urchin and his spray paint.
I would like to point out that Spanish cities are made for cars. If you are a pedestrian and press the button of a traffic light, you should be young enough to experience the green signal within the remaining lifespan. And even then the traffic light might flash yellow for motorists, which means it allows them to … Read More