Sailing Long Distances

Utsira – where the weather comes from

Since we sail the European waters, our sailing instructor inevitably introduced us to weather forecasts and the names of areas such as German Bight, Humber, Viking, and Utsira. The last one is the region where we are traveling now, a small island only ten miles off the coast. According to an online article, sailors don’t go there even though the island doesn’t charge any fees.
Money, sunshine, good sailing wind were enough ingredients to set course for Utsira. The island is exposed to the power of the North Sea, the wind and the waves. To cope with almost all weather conditions, two harbors have been built, one south and the other north.
We headed south, just a straight course line. In search of where the Norwegians are, we counted two more pensioners when we entered the port, who sat on chairs enjoying the warmth. Soon we saw a woman and her little daughter. In the distance, a sheep was bleating.
A hike around the island takes an afternoon and is rewarded by beautiful views, lush green meadows, the scent of fresh grass and animals grazing in the fields. Barely 200 people live on Utsira with eight teachers for twenty-five children. It is quiet and peaceful. If you are in the mood for a remote place, a hideaway for a few days, this island would fit well. Read More