The store made a professional impression when I ordered paints and various items. The first disappointment was a false promise of delivery. The shop indicated items in stock, my purchase argument, but ultimately it took two weeks until the goods were delivered by DHL to Spain. Here, the parcel service stated address unknown. Well, the Marina Port Olimpic in Barcelona opened in 1992, and the office provided the address. DHL got no better idea than to return the goods to Germany immediately. I hoped naively that I could persuade the company to drop off the package at a ServicePoint near the harbor. Hard to believe, the shop refused it because it was too heavy. Ultimately, the package was returned to Hamburg. So much for a self-appointed green corporation that transports a 20 Kg package senselessly 3600 Km through Europe.

TOPLICHT did not even touch the idea of refunding the entire cost, despite revocation and terms and conditions. On the phone, I was told quite casually, bring an action against us. We paid about 50 euros for nothing, including a penalty fee of 12.10 for the withdrawal. Not a word about it in the terms and conditions online. Later I read in various reviews that TOPLICHT is known for this exceptional customer service.

Summary: TOPLICHT Hamburg never again!

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