Sailing Long Distances

Sweden – Varberg, and GT

I think it was the first time we entered a foreign country by boat and saw absolutely nothing at all. In earlier times the skipper dropped the anchor at a safe distance to the shoreline and waited for good visibility before he sailed on, even if it took days of waiting. The crew was always on watch, lit a lantern and blew the horn regularly, in the hope no other ship would navigate nearby and collide with the one at anchor. Erskine Childers described the creepy situation in his novel ‘The riddle of the sands.’
Thanks to electronics today, we can precisely see where we are; right in front of the Marina Getteron in Varberg, Sweden. Surrounded by mist, red and green painted wooden poles marked the way inside. Further in and therefore closer to the shore, the visibility improved; plenty of free space for mooring Athene. As a brief welcome gesture, the fog lifted for half an hour. We took some shots of the fortification at the harbor entrance before it vanished in a thick fog again for the rest of the day. Welcome to Sweden.
The Swedes are world famous for many things like Volvo, Scania, Ericsson, Vattenfall, and IKEA, to name but a few companies. As far as people are concerned there are the Royals Carl Gustav and Silvia or the Wallenberg family who allegedly owns half of the country. On the culture side its music of Abba or writers such as Astrid Lindgren, Henning Mankell or Stig Larsson. Finally, Alfred Nobel and his foundation for various ‘Nobel Prizes’ and more recently Greta Thunberg. I love her initials GT. Read More