Sailing Long Distances

Stornoway – Carnival and pipe band

An English sailor said, Stornoway polarizes: love it or leave it soon. Either way one prefers, it’s undeniably a very good town to replenish food and diesel. Because of its airport, the crew can change or leave the boat in the marina for a time and take a break at home.
We made the best of Stornoway’s infrastructure and maintained the yacht, like full engine inspection and, a sailor’s nightmare, cleaned up a clogged sewage tank. We both kept calm, suffered the same burden and did our best to get the job done.
One of the upshots of sailing, and here all sailors agree, are the marinas often located right in the heart of the cities, like Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stavanger, Bergen or here, Stornoway. Get off the boat and enjoy all the benefits and comfort of the commercial and culture side of modern civilization. One of my favorites is to buy fresh rolls or bread for breakfast around eight o’clock, just before a city starts into its daily rhythm. I love to watch when life slowly crawls into town, shop keepers receive deliveries, the community workers clean up the streets of the pedestrian zones, and the first cafes unlock the chairs and tables in front of the houses. In this perspective, Stornoway is more industrial, even so, it has three roads in its pedestrian precinct. At eight I was the only customer in a Coop-market. The young lady at the till listened to a portable radio, tuned in, make a guess, BBC Radio, and killed the time by yawning hearty.
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