Sailing Long Distances

Santiago de Compostela

Thanks to EU funding, a high-speed train called Media Distancia is in service between La Coruna, Santiago de Compostela and further on to Vigo or Madrid. Not too bad, flying with almost 200 km/h through Galicia and alight 22 minutes later in Santiago, just in the event of urgent divine assistance in one of the countless churches of the town. Help of heaven is always welcome, but cultural interest motivated us for a day trip to Santiago; six euros the ticket one way.
The cathedral is an impressive building, thus inside it was completely covered with plastic film because of a wide restructuring. With almost nothing to see, it explained while we didn’t have to stand in a queue to get in. Standing in a line did the people who wanted to pray at the bones of the apostle Jacob. Our French neighbor Babette advised, don’t do it, there isn’t much to see. We heeded her advice when we saw by chance a man stepping out of a low opening; a narrow gateway in a wall. Above was a sign illuminated in red, exit.
A person in front of us stuck his head in the door frame and went in. Beate followed him and so did I. Turned out, it was the visitors’ exit of Jacob’s grave. Just like that, we were in front of his tomb. A Spanish woman who stood in the line for a while noticed our bold intruding, mumbled some misgivings, remained herself in whose presence she was about to swear, crossed herself … Read More