Sanitary Installation

Two stainless steel water tanks of 225 L each are integrated on port and starboard. A third tank (50 L) for hot water is heated by the engine. The total tank capacity is therefore 500 L.

The sinks in the galley are made of stainless steel. Sewage is collected in a gray water tank in the keel. The tank can be emptied either by means of an electric impeller pump, a station on land or a hand pump in the cockpit.

The toilet is of type Jabsco. Its emptying leads into a separate tank (approx. 60 L), which is mounted directly behind the WC, above the waterline. The system is emptied by opening a sea valve or by vacuuming. An electronic measuring device indicates the filling level. The WC hoses are double-walled and are regularly renewed in order to stop certain fragrances. For this reason, a prefilter is also installed, the valve of which can be closed easily and without contortion.

By the way: the cabin is narrow for a good reason, so it can also be used in rough seas!