Sailing Long Distances

Sailing the Hebrides

Tides have a virtue if used wisely, making sailing fast. The wind was already force four to five south when we left Tobermory. Today’s destination was the small island of Canna. Scottish sailors strongly recommended a visit. It is a paradise of the Hebrides, untouched, only a few cars, about 60 people who live there permanently. And there are two colonies of puffins. Enough reasons to have a closer look. Athene flew to the northwest, just getting used to the waves took some time. Unprotected to the southwest Atlantic waves rolled in, round-shaped, not breaking, maybe two meters high. Out of curiosity, I checked the nautical chart where I would find the next island to the southwest. At a distance of an impressive 3714 nm, it’s the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. In between the vast Atlantic Ocean and us on the European side.
Travel through time has inspired writers over the centuries. I believed in Western Europe one can go all over the places, and yet it is impossible to find a place without civilizing means. First and foremost, the foundations of contemporary life, like a mobile phone or simply a radio. 
As a rule, upon arrival I take the phone and review the forecast of the outgoing day, just to decide how good or bad the forecast was. And often I associate this with a look at the next day. When I picked up the phone on Canna and starred at a black display, my facial expression must have spoken for a man who is certainly not supposed to sail the seas. Believe it or not, Canna is a cell phone free island, a travel through the …Read More