Sailing Long Distances

Repair stories – bad luck, failures, and malfunctions 

Planed was a five-day stay in Porto, in the end, it were 27. Yes, slightly miscalculated, mainly because of the sailing conditions. We got either a good sailing wind and huge waves or low waves and a good wind blowing out of the wrong direction. Don’t know why it seems to be our destiny for this year. Even the marina staff said, the weather isn’t exactly unusual, it’s typical for winter in January or February. It’s too cold and too much wind for fall. But our budget liked the long stay, only 11 Euros a day, including four rolls free day by day delivered right to the boat.
You might think, staying in a marina, these guys have little to do, stroll around in Porto, enjoy a cafe or dinner and have a sip of wine after sunset. Well, our boat thought different and all the electronic gadgets we use as well.
Douro marina has one shortcoming, the swell of the Atlantic Ocean rolling in at high tide. With waves of two meters and more high breaking on the shoreline, the berth we got was worse compared to an anchorage where a yacht can swing freely. The first days, however, the swell was low, so we didn’t notice it. We moored Athene the usually way, four lines, and a spring …Read More