Sailing Long Distances Voyages

Póvoa, sailing to Manhattan

Over the last two decades a lot of improvements for the sailing folks have been made, like new marinas, increased and modernized old ones, good public transport. On this background, we do not understand the who-ever-is-in charge-people of Viana de Costello in Portugal. The small town is the first to visit after a 35-mile journey coming from Spain. Unique is the spectacular mountain church Santa Luzia, with a small museum and a panoramic view. 1000 steps to climb up the hill. The former marina close to the estuary is in use by fishermen today. A new one further up the river was built, with less than two meters depth inside and a bridge to pass at the entrance. Sailing yachts with a draft of two meters and more, like Athene, have to stay on a small river pontoon, primarily designed for registration in the marina office. One could accept this shortcoming for a night. The current of the river runs hard and challenges the crew to maneuver the boat. It gets even funnier when boats raft up. According to sailors’ comments, a nearby disco spices up the night with a venomous bass loudspeaker that makes the yachts tremble.
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