Sailing Long Distances

No masks

June 2021

The pandemic still sets the rules. Or the politicians? Or the press? We often ask ourselves whether all the hassle is more a political agenda than a dramatic health issue. The facial masks put pressure on the public perception, a constant visible reminder of what’s going on. We never understood the sense of wearing a mask outside, in the fresh air. Well, speaking for me, there are two exceptions imaginable, alone in a contagious fellowship and chatting to a stranger at a short distance. But who does? I imagined the apocalypse with combat robots, drones, and pump guns, but not disinfectants, gloves, and medical masks. Throughout history, free people have been willing to take the devil’s bargain of trading liberty for safety when they are fearful. We supinely accept the shallow and hollow offers of government that somehow less freedom equals more protection. It doesn’t. This is the government’s dream, dominance without resistance. 
Nevertheless, with rising temperatures, the burden of the snout cloths wasn’t deniable, so the Spanish government decided to lift the ‘compulsory measure’ on Saturday, June 26, 2021. There are no mandatory ‘mascarillas’ in public places, besides the distance between two possible fomites is less than 1,5 m, and generally in shops and public transports. The story seems as bizarre as the proposal by the mayor of Cologne that men and women should keep an arm’s length apart to avoid sexual assault. No joke.
We love hiking and walking fast. A vast strain was gone, and we could breathe freely.