Sailing Long Distances


Perfect! I can’t think of a word better for the journey to Nazaré; blue sky, a northeasterly wind, almost no waves. Later the wind fell asleep, and the engine woke up. Like Figueira da Foz before, the boom in housing has left its mark in Nazaré too. The lady in the marina office had a lot of time on her hands, with us the only customers for the day. I took the opportunity and asked her about life in Portugal. She said she has been working in the Marina office for 20 years and hence in tourism. Wealthy tourists have changed the city a lot. The buildings are still cheap for French, Spanish and especially British people. As a consequence, the locals cannot afford the apartments anymore. Many residents have moved to the outskirts, and so did she. However, not only foreigners buy houses here. Affluent Portuguese also own at least two houses, one by the sea in the summer and one inland where they live all year round. She explained, the minimum wage in Nazaré is 650 Euro per month. The average rent for a house is about 400 Euros. There isn’t much left, she added thoughtfully. But we need the tourists, they provide us with work and money. It used to be the fishermen, but the time has passed a long time ago …Read More