Sailing Long Distances

Milford Haven – last port in Britain

We spent one week in Milford Haven doing aggressively determined nothing, besides shopping at a nearby Tesco market. After four and a half month of traveling a break was more than welcomed. Thus outside the boat action was almost not detectable, inside we checked Athene from bow to stern to make sure everything is shipshape for the passage to La Coruna in Spain.
In the marina we met Sam and Keith. They spoke widely about their passage from the Caribbean to the UK. The talk came on risks of sailing. Sam said, she wouldn’t miss an AIS transponder, an electronic device that transmits constantly the position of the Yacht including ship’s name, speed, direction and callsign. ‘The electronics makes you visible for the others, most of all big vessels. And don’t think it’s just a nice toy to have. The crew of commercial ships might call you for safety information.’
With her statement in mind and our experience, we crashed the boat budget once more – that’s what you’re supposed to do when sailing – supported a local ship chandler and installed the device.
Finally, the fridge was also repaired. I got a phone number, called and the craftsman said, ‘it’s your lucky day. We are on the way to a customer and pass through Milford.’ And so he did!
Milford Haven will be our last port in Britain. We spent two wonderful unforgettable months in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, and Wales. Leaving soon, got me slightly in a sentimental mood. We like the Brits, their humor, their positive way of thinking, their open minds, especially when you’re a sailor. Even a lady at a till in a supermarket changed topic when we mentioned we cruised Scotland. Sailing must be a deep part of the British souls … Read More