Sailing Long Distances

Liz and The Ocean Race

The marina Alicante is somewhat behind modern technology and offers WiFi in front of the office only. The navigation charts needed huge update files, and the other electronic stuff on board drove us crazy with daily reminders. Eventually, we gave in and walked to the office. The strong wind was an invitation too. It didn’t lower the temperatures, but it felt pretty cool on the skin.
We took a seat right opposite ‘AKZO NOBEL’, a new class of 60-foot racing boats, with everything on board that stands for competition, high performance, and tons of money. While we sat there, I watched a slender lady in her late thirties who stepped on board, did some work, left the boat, and walked past us. She was blond, had a figure to die for, and shed the aura of someone I had to talk to. Please don’t ask me why, it’s a gut feeling. The opportunity was too good to miss and might not present itself soon again, so I asked her if she got a moment or two.
Her name is Liz, and she is the boat captain. Boat captain, I repeated drawled and learned, in a race, it’s the skipper. On promotion tours or training, it’s the boat captain who is in charge.
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