Sailing Long Distances

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I think the best way to introduce two exceptional people is a story I like to tell what some individuals do to fulfill their lives. Once, on the train to the Baltic, I met an IT expert in a world-leading software corporation for business applications. He was in his late forties and, therefore the ideal candidate for a midlife crisis. He loved to travel to South America since he spoke Spanish fluently and liked the natural way the locals use to live. Big management and even bigger money here in contrast to traditional people in Chile or Peru made him question his doings. He needed an answer, traveled to Asia, found the keys in Buddhism, and turned over the years to a contented, relaxed man. He rejected a job offer in high management associated with big money he had no interest in whatsoever, as he didn’t want to forfeit his soul for things that had little meaning to him. We spoke about sailing, which he highly weighted, slow going, close to nature and the water, where presumably all life came from when it crawled on land. He liked the fact of getting around slowly as the old proverb has it; the way is the destination.
With fewer restrictions in Portugal Mid-May, we eased our containment too, talked to our Scottish and Swiss neighbors, and got invitations because they also were interested in diversions. The Swiss, who I like to call for the sake of the story Anita and Leon, bought a brand new trimaran, a Neel 47, one of today’s hottest offshore sailing yachts. They got out of their jobs at the best age because or just in time before a midlife-crisis. They had saved a fortune and spend a lot of it on the yacht. 
Whenever I saw the two just passing by in front of our boat, they always smiled. Smiling, cheerful people have a notable impact on me. I can’t tell five … Read More