Sailing Long Distances

La Coruna – la dolce vita

Day by day in the UK I got closer to the people in mind and heart. What I didn’t realize, in the subconscious either. Standing at a busy road in La Coruna, waiting for a chance to cross the street and stay alive, I turned to the right first, to the left second until I noticed it’s pointless. Spanish cars approach from the left. I had to smile. The Brits had spoiled me already.
With Spain, sailing will be much more relaxed, distances are short as a rule. Writing in sunshine in the cockpit, I thought what might be the best words to tell how we feel now. Tuned in was a local station, Radio Galega Musica. A guy sang ‘this time we got it right, we’re living like in a dolce vita … we made it down in the dolce vita.’ Well said!, My words exactly.
La Coruna is the capital of Galicia, about 250,000 inhabitants, a university and with its wealth the motor of the region. The city also stands for fish, tourism, culture and many glazed balconies, giving it the nickname crystal city. In the old town are many bars and cafes, often small inside but big outside on the streets with chairs and tables all over the place. A typical menu has two courses – one can choose between three different meals each – a drink and a coffee included for twelve Euro. The focus is by far on meat … Read More