Cooling and cooking

For 25 years, the refrigeration compressor with cold accumulator provided its service. Finally, it went the way of everything earthly, a replacement had to be purchased. So the question had to be answered, a new cold accumulator yes or no. Our experience with the previous cold storage system is mixed. First, it makes the system very sluggish. The accumulator has to be cooled first, before it releases the cold into the box. It takes about half a day! Second, if the accumulator is cold, cooling takes place inside the box via convection, i.e. slowly. Third, the accumulator must also be set to a low temperature so that it functions at all. Forth, refrigerators at home are equipped with an automatic defroster system for good reason; the accumulator freezes quickly.

On the upside, if the cool box is switched off, the accumulator maintains the temperature for 24 hours.

With regard to energy consumption, we have opted for a cooling unit with fan evaporator. According to catalogs, this system requires the same amount of energy as the accumulator unit. To cut a long story short, we don’t want to miss it anymore. Cooling takes place quickly and evenly, the temperature stratification in the box has come to an end. If a bottle is placed directly in front of the lower air outlet of the evaporator, it is cold within an hour. In addition, we have insulated the cooler inside with 10 mm polystyrene. Costs 0,79 €. Effect amazing.

Remains the power consumption. 40 Ah in 24 hours. On average the compressor runs per hour for 20 min. This results in a ‘consumption’ of 1.7 Ah per hour, with the effect the box is not switched off when sailing.

Since the life on a sailing yacht does not only consist of sailing, we extended our ‘Galley’. In front of the door to the aft cabin and in the aisle to the fore ship, there are two removable boards to extend the workspace.

Apart from the usual 2-flame stainless steel gas stove with oven, semi-cardanic, there is also an induction plate on board. In marinas, it is a very good extension to the gas stove and therefore preserves the gas supplies.

On the photo on the left, you can see the ‘kitchen’ in its entirety. In comparison to before an enormous difference; cooking is fun!