Sailing Long Distances

Figueira da Foz and Coimbra

It was one of those rare sunny days late November when we left Duoro Marina. The disc of the sun crept low over the deep blue southern horizon. Typical for this time of the year is the swell of the Atlantic Ocean, created by a depression a thousand miles away somewhere in the northwestern hemisphere. The north wind spiced up the arrangement with additional waves. The first hours were pretty challenging for me. Beate did better and enjoyed the fact of sailing further south. At noon we passed an anchorage close to the town of Aveiro. Three big vessels laid at anchor, waiting for the thumbs up of the authorities, who had closed the estuary because of the waves. Sailing close by, we were impressed by how hard these big vessels worked in the sea. The bows sunk deep in the water, the sterns went up, a moment later the vessels did the opposite, the bows pointed to the sky and the sterns barely visible. The ships rolled slowly from one side to the other and moved up and down like in an escalator. I imagined what it must be high up, in the bridge, where the motions are increased by the leverage effect of the height. Here and there I admire the seafaring folks, for seeing the world’s oceans and continents. At moments like today, when reality takes me back, I’m glad just to be a sailor, my captain, who navigates Athene to a sheltered marina around nightfall.
Figueira da Foz is a convenient stopover to Lisbon. The town took its name …Read More