Sailing Long Distances

Dublin – Guinness, Jameson and keep running

At noon we took the train to Dublin, Connolly Station. A tightly woven rail- and bus network covers the suburban areas. The train from Howth, for example, runs every twenty minutes during daytime and was busy after the office hours.
The last time we visited Dublin was in summer 2003. The city and its economy suffered from the turbulence caused by the stock market crash a year earlier and the international turmoils of the Second Gulf War. A lot of offices were to let, business closed, houses for sale. We were curious to see how Dublin has developed. In Stavanger, we met John, a Scotsman, a keen sailor, and successful businessman. Often he sailed or flew to Dublin but didn’t like the city anymore the last years. We spoke about the negative consequences of a hard Brexit and the impact on Ireland. John was a Brexiteer and thought the Irish will suffer a lot. To make it even worse, in his opinion, the Irish government took too many people in the country who do not belong there. Don’t be too surprised, he said you might be the only Caucasians between all the people of color. Frankly, these are my words, he expressed himself different. I got the impressions, so he stated, sooner than later they have taken over the city. Well, it isn’t exactly a recommendation for a visit. On the other hand, we made the experience, when people say don’t go there, we have to see ourselves what’s going on.
We alighted the train, and dozens of others too, chatting in languages spoken in Western Europe. All people were pale and wished, so my guess, to have some taint had summer been better. The first impression of Dublin; the city is doing well. Lots of modern houses have been built, apartments and offices, huge glass palaces, showing the companies prosperity. Standing at the river Liffey, looking in all four directions, tall cranes everywhere scratched the sky, busy turning back and forth. Even out of distance one could see the big construction areas, securely fenced; a new giant building about to conquer the sky above.
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