Diesel tank and gas system

A diesel tank is integrated in the keel. On deck is a filler neck, in the cockpit the tank ventilation. The tank is equipped with the extraction pipes for the day tank, return line (due to flushing) and the fuel gauge sensor. Tank capacity approx. 450 L.

In summer 2006 the tank was cut open and cleaned by a specialist workshop. Furthermore, a 60 L stainless steel day tank was mounted above the engine. The fuel is pumped into the tank via a gear pump and a professional Separ-Filter. Fuel withdraw to the engine is done via an additional pre-filter to the machine’s filter. The fuel is thus filtered three times and drained twice before feeding the injection pump. In addition to high operational reliability, this arrangement allows running the main tank completely empty. The entire feed line is always under slight pressure. Leakages are easily detectable. There is no better way to do it. Especially long-distance sailors appreciate these advantages!

Two gas cylinders of 11 kg filling weight each made of aluminum guarantee a reliable supply even over a longer period. An aluminum cylinder weighs considerably less than it’s a comparable steel buddy(5.4 kg vs. 10.3 kg). A plastic-coated gas pipe leads to the stove. For safety reasons, a remote gas switch is installed which closes a valve directly on the cylinder.