OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe cockpit is equipped with a windscreen made of fixed panes and a spray hood. Its benches, the foot rail, the edges of the swallow nests are completely made of solid teak wood. In addition, the handrails, edgings of the companionway and its hatch, as well as the instrument console in the cockpit.

The cockpit was one of the weak spots of the Cumulant. In the first place, I’ve to mention the open storage compartments, where the water could not drain completely. In addition, numerous holes in the steel for attachments, the teak wood and last but not least the long time spent on the oceans. All this caused trouble with rust. In the yeCockpit V4Aar 2008, we rebuilt the cockpit and used stainless steel AISI 316 quality only.
Ten years are gone by now, and all is ship-shape!

If you are interested: 4 sqm was required (3 mm) and a good 30 m weld seam.