Mediterranean Sea Sailing Long Distances Spain

Benidorm and highrises

I think it’s pointless to gloss over this foolishness. We thought it would be a good idea to explore the outskirts of Alicante and took the streetcar to Benidorm, forty kilometers out of town.
No sooner had we taken our seats on the train fiercely discussing and laughing teenagers cornered us. They obeyed the rules, fortunately, and all wore protective masks. Nevertheless, during the eighty-minute ride, the thought slowly crept into our minds, what if someone spreads this SARS virus? The day before, I had read the latest figures from Spain, quickly recalculated the numbers to one person, and realized that the risk is one out of five hundred.
Maybe a hundred passengers were on board, so the odds were on our side. Too bad, no mathematical calculation tells me what passenger is the one to kick out of the train. And even worse, the stats don’t object to five and more people right in front of us spreading the disease, as it is within the probability.
Against all odds, we survived the ride and almost jumped off the train in Benidorm. Our foolishness taking a possible virus-laden train was topped by the reason we went to the town. Benidorm is a famous city in the province of Alicante. Instead of small typical Spanish white homes, it is full of skyscrapers, numerous casinos, and nightclubs called the “Spanish Las Vegas’. Fifty years ago, it was just a fishing village and grew into a noble destination for celebrities of the nineteen sixties. In the 1970s, mass tourism discovered  Read More